What Are You Teaching? August 15

A weekly blog post from Learning with Mrs. Langley
Second full week of kindergarten and we are in full swing. Our centers are getting there, our math routine is in place, and we are even getting there in writer's workshop too. Here is a quick glance at my visual plans. 
Lesson plans for half day kindergarten including morning work, centers, writing, and math.

Morning Work: We are to the point where we are sitting down and getting this going as soon as our morning meeting is over. Here is a peek at what this looks like: 
Centers: This week I am introducing our Cut & Glue station and maybe the listening station as well! All of my centers come from this We Are So Proud unit and my All Set? You Bet! Centers for August.  

Reading: Each day we start our reading lessons with the new animated letter sounds videos from HeidiSongs. I LOVE starting our lessons this way because it is a good way to get us up, moving, and learning all at the same time. This week we are working on the songs for F-M. Click HERE for my affiliate link. 

In Daily 5 we will continue to work on building stamina. We are up to about 7 minutes! 

Writer's Workshop: Again all of my mini lessons come from Jessica Meacham's site and I just love her mini lessons. They get me off to such a great start every year (and all year long). This week we are focusing on working with a partner, being a good neighbor, and adding in the date to our writing. They are already loving writing time! 

Math: Guiding Kinders Unit 1 from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills. This is now my 3rd year (can that be true?) teaching these units and I love them now just as much as I did back then. So engaging and fun! If you want to see my original post when I "discovered" the beauty of these units you can read it HERE. Deanna and Deedee both commented on this blog post so it is my favorite post ever :) 

Wacky Wednesday: We are continuing our unit on families (which we talk about all week, not just Wednesday....but this is the day set aside for special projects). This week we are building our family trees. I am excited and nervous about this project at the same time. I will let you know how it goes!

That's our week! What are you teaching this week? I read a post the other day on IG from a teacher that doesn't go back until after Labor Day....and she was on the beach....I have to tell you I was a little jealous! Enjoy your time if you aren't back yet and if you are back...Happy Teaching!