Math Monday! Math Workshop, I'm in LOVE!

I am just over the moon about how wonderful math was today.  Seriously over the moon. 
(I think only teachers can actually understand what I'm talking about)
I started Guiding Kinders Math Workshop by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills and it was just pure magic. 
Magic I tell ya! 

A little bit of background for you.  I'm no slouch in the math department.  I try new things, I've taught at multiple grade levels, I've got the workshop model down, and I have more math PD than just about anyone I know.  Not tooting my own horn, but I'm just sayin'....I got this. 

But that's just the thing.  I didn't have it.  Going back to Kinder (1/2 day!) this year and teaching Investigations (and trying to incorporate Math Journals) had me really, really, jumbled up.  I felt like so much was missing and I needed a couple of key details in my math workshop: 
  • I really needed extra practice for my kiddos (Investigations is lacking in this area). 
  • I needed a little structure for my whole group lessons.  The whole group part was lacking for me in my routines.  I was introducing games, but the lessons for me were just NOT happening.  
And finally....
(where have we heard that before?)

So I took the plunge this weekend and got the unit from Deanna and Deedee.  Today was wonderful.  I love the fluency practice (so did my kids!), the whole group activity was wonderful (and my kiddos totally rocked it) and the independent practice quickly identified who needed more help and I pulled them into a small group while the rest of my kids went to math tubs.  
(Insert angels singing here)

Whole group, small group, independent work (along with a quick informal assessment) all in about 45 minutes?  Wait, what?
AND we got to math journals too? 

See why I am so happy? 

Here are a few precious pics: 

Thanks to Deana and Deedee for all their hard work on this amazing product.  If you haven't checked it out (or have been waiting to take the plunge) you should check it out HERE!