Number Stamping FREEBIE!

I promised I would use the number stamping book I made this week and I did! 
Here it is just so you know what I'm talking about!

The book was pretty simple to put together and I mixed up the pages on purpose so it wouldn't be in order. I just copied them back to back and folder/stapled them. Our copy machine will actually do that for you....but I still haven't figured that out!

I have a TON of tiny stamps that were donated to my class many years ago. They are all sorts of different things and this book was perfect for them. Students grabbed a stamp and counted out whatever number was on the page. Like this....
 or this...
and this!
Some of them were really organized and careful and some of them were a hot mess! However, the most important part was that they were all counting and keeping track of their counting. At one point one of my little guys was interrupted and I overheard him say, "Oh great, now I have to start all over again. This is a disaster!" So much drama :)

The only thing that I would change is I wouldn't do it as a whole group activity. Yes, I tried. Yes, it was dumb. It wasn't a disaster (well, for my little guy it was!)  but it was hard for them to all reach the stamp in the middle of the table and I didn't have enough to make it work as partners. So this works best as a small group activity.

There you have it! Here are the stamp pads (the ones I used) in an affiliate link. They have them in all different colors and they are washable.

I hope you enjoy this activity. We had fun with it and it is definitely a keeper. Thanks for stopping by today! 

What Are You Teaching? and a FREEBIE January 9

We are back in the swing of things and back into routine! Phew! Last week was really LONG for a short week but I think we are back on track! So here is my question...
Our plans are very much like last week, just switching things up with our new story. 
So I wanted to try something new this week and I am grabbing out a page from each of these sets for you to try. Let me know what you think!

Click on any of these pictures to get a free file.  

Morning Work: This week we continue working on the sight words are, that, do and the letter L. Our conventions work focuses on the action part of a sentence. 
Click on the pic to get the file
Centers: This week I grabbed a new one from this set My Lucky Day .  This is a roll and record activity where students roll a dice, read the word, write the word, and collect data all at the same time. 
Click on the pic to get the file

Math: I just put out our new January Math Centers and I am really excited about some of these. The games are all new and really hit on some key standards. Enjoy these math puzzles! Copy, laminate, and cut and students will match them back up to show the numbers. Especially great for students who are struggling with the 1 to 10. 
Click on the pic to get the file

Click on the pic to get the file

And once again I'll share the freebie I added last week because I didn't get to it but I swear we are doing it tomorrow! 
Click on the pic to get the file

You will have to forgive me if this seems rushed....I am preparing to head out of town on Friday to see all 3 of my daughters together for the first time in a year! I can hardly contain myself! 
I hope you enjoy the pages I've included today and I really hope you have a great week. I love my kiddos but this week can not go quick enough for me! Happy teaching friends!

What Are You Teaching: January 3

Happy New Year! It's time to head back to school after a relaxing two weeks of blissful vacation. I've been busy planning though! Every new year I go back to school with a huge list of goals for my class, my personal organization, and this usually involves implementing new things in the classroom. This year is no different!

Here is a little run down: 
Morning Work-We are starting on Unit 4 of our morning work and well into writing sentences, learning about the naming and the action parts of sentences and starting to write our sight words in alphabetical order. Handwriting has made a huge improvement from the beginning of the year. Take a look HERE to see this unit. 

Centers- I have really been working on center organization this year because for some reason this year we really have a hard time with choice. I have narrowed down choices for now to get us focused. This week we will have a stamping center (stamping sight words), cut and glue sentences, writing station and the listening station. 4 days....4 choices....easy peasy. My stations come from Rooster's Off to See the World centers.  

Reading- I follow a reading program but do it through Daily5 and CAFE. I spend a day a week on each portion of the CAFE model (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expand vocab) and use the scope and sequence (and materials) from our basal. My small group materials will be from my Reading Intervention Made Easy sets and this week I am starting the CVC word set with most of my kiddos. It's a exciting time! 

Also in reading we will be using Heidi Songs to practice our sight words this week. If you would like to see how we do that I wrote a post about it HERE

Writing- We are working on goals this week and by the end of the week we will start a little peer editing too. I wrote about that HERE.

Math- This is the BIGGIE! We are piloting math programs this year and I will be starting Envision and teaching it for the next couple of weeks. It has been a little overwhelming to look at all the materials but all in all I think it looks promising. I know whenever this subject comes up in groups on FB there are a lot of opinions out there. That being said...I've giving this a chance. It's obviously not all up to me but I want to be able to give my honest opinion when the time comes.

I made a couple of things to get me started this week. The curriculum suggests making these by hand but that's just no fun right? These are easy to use at any time. I made 11-20, you can grab them free HERE

Fill in each circle with a representation for the number. Great warm up activity! 
The second freebie I have to share is a little book for math centers. Students use stamps to count up to each number. This is an fun and easy way for students to create representations for each number. 

I also made a new set of January Math Centers to make sure that I am hitting all of the standards that I need to in the face of trying a new curriculum. Safety net! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Here's to a new year, new goals, and making lots of progress!

What Are You Teaching? November 28th

LONG weekends are just what I need to catch up and feel human again! November has been a strange month indeed with all of the extra days off and messed up schedules. I am ready to get back at it with 3 "normal" weeks before we break for Christmas. I have a whole day to spend in my classroom tomorrow to make it happen!

It is a full schedule for sure! Here is a quick break down...

Morning Work:Unit 3 Week 4
This week we are discussing verbs now and in the future. We will focus on adding the word "will" to a verb to show it will happen in the future. We are getting a pretty good handle on verbs!

Our story for the week is Farfallina & Marcel, it's one of my favorites! We will also be doing centers from our All Set? You Bet! November set, Ultimate ABC Centers, Rainbow Words (to start work on sight words) and Fall Friends.

Our reading groups are coming right along. We have a few working on the Alphabet Recognition RTI lessons, some on Phoneme Segmentation, and the majority of the class is now on CVC words. We are reading sounds and blending away!

We are working on making better use of our WRITING RESOURCES.  These are available for FREE in my store. I introduced these a little while back and we are using them but not to the best of our abilities. I thought coming back from a little break would be a great time to discuss them further.

We are well into Unit 4 from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills. This week we are utilizing number lines to add and subtract.We will also be working in our MATH JOURNALS every day to tackle a little problem solving. Our routines are working out really well during this part of the day and this group impresses me with their reasoning and communication skills.

That's it! Remember this is half day so that's a whole lot of learning to crowd into two and a half hours. On top of all of this we are going to start working on a little Christmas play to perform later this month. This is super new for me but I am excited to give it a try! I got the Gingerbread Man play from HeidiSongs to try out. Here is the preview I saw last year during Christmas break that inspired me to give it a try this year!

We will start learning the songs during our morning meeting and transition times this week and the following week we will hand out assignments and get the play part together with the help (hopefully) from some of our room moms. I haven't asked them yet, but they are super helpful with everything in our room so I know they will love this! HERE is a link to the play in Heidi's store. You still have time to do it too! This post contains affiliate links.

One more BIG piece of news! Tomorrow is the annual CYBER sale at TPT! I have been busy filling my cart and I can hardly wait to enter the code CYBER2016 to get 28% off all of my purchases. Here are some links to my favorite December products that will all be on sale Monday and Tuesday. It is a great time to grab up bundles and save a BUNDLE!!