Fall Friends! Saving Center Time and a freebie!

Oh my goodness!  Major center fail today....

I THOUGHT I had one more day of center rotations.  Have you ever done that?  I left Tuesday afternoon thinking, "I'm good......see ya!"  Well as I took a closer look this morning I realized I was done with the rotation and it was time to add in new centers.  Ack!

My overall purpose for this part of the day is to keep the other 18 or so kiddos that are working independently ENGAGED so that I can teach my small group to just 4 or 5.  I rotate these centers every 6 days.  
It's a major fail if the center tubs are empty!

Thank heavens for having my Fall Friends ready to go (and thank heavens I didn't use them all last week!)  

I quickly added in the new centers and the kiddos were happy and I was happy!  Crisis averted. 

To top it off they loved the new centers.  Here are few highlights. 
 ABC ordering (we don't NEED this but they LOVE it!), Spin a word (this was our first experience with "spinners"....huge hit!) and this week I added in the first sound fluency match up with and ABC matching game.  They loved this one too.
Another big hit this week was a happy accident.  When I created this I made the sight word cards to use as a concentration game with a "Fast Words" reading fluency sheet as an additional resource.  When I printed it out I realized this made a great word search game.  They pick a card, search for the word, and color it in.  They were super excited about this. (strange the simple things that make kinders happy!)

One last center to fill....Cut and Glue.  
 I've been working on this one and I'd like to develop this to match our sight words with my reading series, but for now I have a few pages you can try out for free! 

Here is a link to my Fall Friends centers.  There are also math centers included, I use them in my math tubs for an easy transition after whole group and independent work time in math.  
So many options in a Kindergarten classroom! 
I hope your hump day was good and to all the friends in the Buffalo area I hope you are staying safe in all that snow!  I can't even imagine!