Managing your Listening Station

There are always those little details that get in your way. You can ignore them or you can find a solution. For me this summer the problem was my listening station and the solution just came to me one afternoon when I should have been setting up my classroom. I got so excited about it I spent the next hour fixing my listening station. I am so glad I did! 
I have a mix of tapes and CD's (the tapes are all slowly but surely dying). I had them all organized but it never fails that I don't have time to put them away properly so they end up a hot mess not long after the year begins. While cleaning out my closet this summer it came to me! If I just tape the CD right in the front of the book I'll never be too lazy to put it away! This may be common knowledge for the average teacher but for me this was life a super nerdy,  OCD, organization nut, kind of way. 

Here are my tips: 

Use gallon sized bags to store books that have a tape.

Tape the CD cover right in the front cover! Never lose another cover! 
Large collections? Rubber band them together so they stay TOGETHER.

This has saved me room in my closet and hopefully my sanity down the road. It has already paid off in the first few weeks of school! Thanks for stopping by today!