What Are You Teaching? August 22nd

3 and a half weeks.......that's the magic number. At the end of 3 and a half weeks we are well into our routines and maybe, finally, possibly, done crying.  Maybe....I've got until Friday to test my theory.

Here is what we are going to try this week!
Note: This post contains affiliate links. These are my honest opinions from my experience as an elementary school teacher.

Here is a break down subject by subject:

Morning Work: This week we are introducing the letters Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, and Ss. We are also introducing the sight words "the" and "little".  Our morning work focuses on those skills all week long.

Centers: Our centers come from my weekly kindergarten centers Plaidypus Lost (our story for the week) and All Set? You Bet! We have successfully introduced ABC centers, Cut & Glue, the Listening Station, and this week we will try the Writing Station.

Our "break" between centers and reading is a little singing and dancing thanks to HeidiSongs. We will be singing the O,P,Q,R,and S song this week!

Reading: We are plugging along building STAMINA every day. We are up to about 7 or so minutes in each class. That's pretty impressive for kindergarten! I've been really happy with how both of my classes are doing building stamina.

Writing: We are introducing sharing this week. We will discuss sharing with the teacher and sharing with the class. I still focus most of my attention on walking around the room and being the "cheerleader" right now but I will stop in and start visiting soon. This will lead up to daily conferring that will happen in a couple of weeks. All of my mini lessons come from Jessica Meacham's site. I love the way she incorporates literature into every mini lesson. Here are the books I will use this week.


Math: 2D shapes with Guiding Kinders from Jump/Wills. Here is a pic from last year for a little sneak peek.
That is our week! I am ready to go and see how week #3 goes. The first couple of weeks can be challenging but I wouldn't change a thing! Happy teaching friends!