All About Family

Today was the day! We got to start our very first IB unit and this one is all about FAMILY! I started today by telling my kiddos we were going to talk about something that we all LOVE. They thought about it for a minute and one kid said, "Tacos?" not tacos, but I do love those too! 

 Today was super simple but honestly about all we can handle in our 6th day of kindergarten. We still can't sit for very long! We started with an anchor chart about what families HAVE.
Later in the unit we will fill in the "CAN LIVE IN A" when we talk about homes and "ARE" when we talk about cooperation at home (also discussing verbs). We started our books by coloring our covers and drawing a picture of our families. To make sure everyone was included and no one felt like their family was 'different' I really made sure to focus on the fact that all families are different and they should draw a picture of everyone that lives in their house. Including pets!  
This is my family!
Now that we have talked about all of the people that make up our family we have these reference cards on new grammar wall. ( to this group)
You know it was a good day if you run right home and blog about it! This was fun today. In half day kinder we rarely get these extra little moments. I work hard to make sure they happen!

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Have a great rest of your week!