What Are You Teaching? September 6

Oh boy. 3 day weekends are just what the doctor ordered after the first 4 weeks of kindergarten. I'm not going to lie...I worked all weekend but now I am caught up and I can finally feel like I am ahead of all of the back to school paperwork, planning, and stressing. It's time to get down to the nuts and bolts of teaching.

Morning Work: This week we are introducing nouns. It is also the start of our reading programs letter of the week with the letter Mm.
Centers will be much like last weeks centers with ABC centers and easy prep centers from August. I'm not quite ready to switch out to September yet!

Our story of the week is Smash! Crash! from John Scieszka. I use this video from NOOK Online Storyline instead of reading it to my kids. It's nice to switch things up every once in awhile.
I am starting Unit 2 from Guiding Kinders. We will be composing numbers this week. I love it when we get to start using our manipulatives and really start in with number sense activities.

That's the quick run down on this short week! Have a great week, if you are just starting back have a good start to your year!