What Are You Teaching & Parent Teacher Conferences

Oh my.....I didn't blog all week. I promise good things were happening but it was busy. Next week doesn't look to slow down either!
We have started our small groups, we are doing all kinds of centers because we have finally introduced all of them, and we are even getting to the point where we can introduce math journals (well....maybe next week). Here is a look at our week!
Did you see that? The huge Parent/Teacher Conferences note? Yes, I will be conferencing this week with all 44 parents. It doesn't happen often but I will be tired of talking by the end of the week for sure! Before I highlight our weekly plan subject by subject I remembered I have this freebie in my store. You can grab it HERE.
Morning Work: We are on our last week of this unit and doing really well on our routines. My kiddos are super independent completing these each day. 
Centers: Our story of the week is Dig, Dig, Digging...not going to lie, not my favorite story but the boys sure love it! 

Even if the story isn't my favorite these centers help me stay on track with the letter of the week, sight words, grammar skill, and writing.

Reading Groups: I have started meeting with my small groups. I blogged all about them HERE. I am excited that we are finally in a place where we can get started. 

Math: We have just started Unit 2 of Guiding Kinders.  Deanna and Deedee are doing such a great job revamping these units. They were great to begin with but now they have video links and extras included.

Well that is our week! I can't wait to get it started!