Wacky Wednesday: Families, Homes, and STEM

Wacky Wednesday was a super success today! We have been working through our Family Unit over the past couple of weeks and Wednesday is our day for the big projects. We call it Wacky Wednesday because our schedule is different because of an early release and everything is just a little bit....OFF. It is a perfect day to mix it up and throw in all the science and social studies we can manage!
Question of the Day: Where do families live?  
Question of the Day: Where do families live? We had some fun answers like treehouses, igloos, RV's, and of course houses. I forgot to take a picture of our updated anchor chart though! This question gave us a great jumping off point to talk about homes around the world. Then we introduced some fun STEM activities to build homes of our own.  
Students did so great with this! I used some new STEM bins from Brooke Brown at Teach Outside the Box. I saw a video on Sunday, fell in love, and put them together Monday afternoon. Our study of homes was perfect to break out the bins!

If you would like to check out our unit on families you can see it here. Just click on the picture! Next week we will be talking about what families ARE (loving, caring, supportive....)