What Are You Teaching? August 29

Short weekend! I feel like I worked for most of it but I will be glad that I did come Monday morning. I did a lot of organizing in my room today, some laminating, a bunch of cutting, and caught up on paperwork. I might actually be caught up soon.

Here are our plans for this week!
Morning Work: This week we are introducing the end of the alphabet and we have our second week of practice with the words the and little. If you would like to see my morning work you can see it HERE.

Centers: I am REALLY excited about centers this week. I spent a couple of hours getting organized in my classroom this morning (and of course I didn't take any pics!) I did however take pictures for my kiddos so they can see what is expected of them in each center. I am going to post these pictures in the bottom of each tub so they know what to do. Here is an example of some of the pictures: 
These pictures will go in the bottom of each tub so students know what they should be doing. I put a lot of things in ABC order today!! These are some of the things I leave out as choices for quite some time so I wanted to make sure they were clear. 

I am really excited about this new set. I put all of our favorites together in one big set. Today I printed out the spin and dab activities and clip a sound cards. I will add the rest in next week! 

Reading: We are reading Miss Bindergarten Goes on a Field Trip this week. Our reading focus is still building STAMINA but this week we will also discuss the fluency skill of reading common sight words. I love this activity and I blogged about it HERE. This was my observation lesson last year. 

Writing: I love our writing topic this week because we finally get to start talking about detailed illustrations. We have some messy pages that have been happening and they aren't getting better they are getting worse! So this week couldn't have come at a better time! 

Math: We are finishing up our first unit from Guiding Kinders. This week we venture into positional words and 3D shapes. 

That is our week! We are talking about homes for Wacky Wednesday as part of our Family Unit and I am going to try to turn this into a STEM activity. I haven't quite figured it out yet but I will let you know on Wednesday! Haha! This could be a huge flop or a total stroke of genius. We shall see :)