What Are You Teaching: May 9

Good. Question.....
What am I teaching this week?

Let me preface this by saying I had a professional development "opportunity" from 1-4 on Friday afternoon.  Yes. Friday afternoon.  Until 4.

Needless to say I am SHORT on planning and have HIGH hopes for a smooth week next week.  My ultimate plan was that Sunday I would go into my classroom to do a little planning.....ummmm, it's Mother's Day.  Forget that!!

So in honor of Mother's Day here is my uber supportive mom.  I love her to the moon and back. There is no one else in my life that loves me so totally unconditionally (sorry hubs) but it's true!  I strive every day to be the supportive and loving mom that she is.
And I can't help but add a pic of my totally adorable girls that made me a mom.
Even though they are all grown up they still had to make bears at Build a Bear!

Ok...what  were we doing?  Oh yeah...planning....have I mentioned that we have 2 weeks of school left?  This week is all about finishing off with a BANG!

Morning Work: This is the last week of morning work!  This week's focus is on sight words (in ABC order), CVC words, and writing/editing sentences.  
Reading: Reading mini lessons will be all about DRAWING CONCLUSIONS. We will practice this skill with a partner during Read to Someone.  We talk about using what you already know to understand what is happening in a story. We will also be working on these skills during our Guided Reading groups.   
Later in the week we will be practicing common sight words. Our RAINBOW WORDS set is really helping motivate kids to learn the first 150 sight words. 

Writer's Workshop: Last week of Writer's Workshop we are going to celebrate!  This week will be all about celebrating our writing, sharing our journals, and we will be doing some end of the year writing for our memory books
 Here are my visual plans: 
Word Work Stations: Write the room with our CVC Write the Room pages, Cut & Glue, Listening Station (focus on setting), I Can Read little book, Rhyming Cut & Glue, and the word searches. There are plenty of choices so they can do their favorites! These all come from the centers unit that corresponds to the story Ants and Their Nests. 

Math: I am starting Unit 9 from Guiding Kinders.  This will be our last chance to check out this unit.  Next year I will get to all 9 units before the end of the year!!  Third time is the charm! If you haven't heard of these units from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills you can check them out HERE.  I love them!

We end each math lesson with Math Journals.  We have really made some progress in the last couple of weeks with problem solving.  If you want to see how I run my math journal time you can read more about there HERE

In science we will be finishing the last of our Wood and Paper FOSS kit.  Caitlin O'Bannon aka The Kinder Garden has a super writing journal that I am going to incorporate this week.  You can see it HERE

THAT'S IT!  We are going to do our best to get through our last REAL week of Kindergarten.  The following week is all about field days, field trips, and extra craziness!  Have a great week friends!