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Digging Deeper: Investigations into Rocks & Minerals

Inquiry is an essential part of our kindergarten classroom.  We investigate, ask questions, and dig deeper every day.  Today was all about rocks and minerals as a wrap up to our water literacy program with Ms. H2O.  Our students visited the river and the waste water treatment plant to learn all about water and today she came back to talk about the rocks they found at the river. 

What's the best way to learn in Kindergarten?  Observe and ask questions!  We used a variety of different rock samples and some magnifying lenses to look closer.  The classroom was buzzing with excitement as they looked closer at sedimentary rock, igneous rock, sandstone, and limestone.  They were excited to find fossils in some of the rocks as they looked closer with their lenses! 

They were pros with the lenses! 

Using a file on the sandstone to see just how soft they really are!
Looking in close at a fossil. 
So what did it take to make this happen?  A bucket of rocks and some magnifying glasses.  That's it!  Let the students lead the investigation and then finish up with some writing about what they found.  (didn't take pics of that....sorry!)  It doesn't take complicated plans to have engaging lessons (or any plans at all!).  

We are also working hard to take care of our school garden.  Today we took turns watering all of the plants.  We have grown just about everything from seed.  It has been a great experience to have this growing right outside our classroom door! 

And as a reward we have been taking some extra recess too!  It's been great to enjoy the wonderful weather and celebrate the last few days we have together as Kindergarteners! 
Taking a vote if we want to stay out and play longer.  The answer was YES! 
That was our WACKY WEDNESDAY!  It's always a whirlwind of a day with a short schedule and SO MANY things to try and get done with a half day program.  I wouldn't trade these crazy days for anything though.  Enjoy your last few days of school friends!  No matter how many you have left!