What Worked Well Wednesday: May 2016

Hello Friends! I'm linking up with the gals over at Kinder Tribe today for What Worked Well Wednesday. SO MANY good things today!  

It was Wacky Wednesday in our neck of the woods and we did science all day long.  Today was our first day of the FOSS kit Wood and Trees.  I love this one!  It really sparks our curiosity, gets us thinking about the materials we use to build things, and brings our year round investigation of life cycles to a close. 

Here are a few highlights: 
We used droppers to test each sample of wood.
Students noticed some soaked up the water and some did not. 
We used that information to make predictions on whether our samples would float or sink. 

We added weights to see if we could get them to sink.
We then compared the number of weights it took to sink each sample.
It was a VERY busy day but so much fun.  I love FOSS kits because they have all the materials I need and I'm never having to search all over for stuff!  

Last little bit that worked well today......Volunteer gifts. I was in charge of making the thank you gifts for our school wide volunteer thank you party.  We needed 75!  I made a quick freebie out of these cute little tags in case you need something for the end of the year.  Here you go! 
Click on the picture to grab this FREEBIE!

Thanks for stopping in.  Check out what's happening over at Kinder Tribe for WWWW HERE!