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Saying Goodbye Class of 2015-16

I've said it numerous times over the last couple of weeks but saying goodbye to a class is always hard for me.  Especially after a year like we had.  This group of kiddos are caring, cooperative, and hard working.  I'm thankful to have had a chance to be their teacher this year.

What do they do with extra recess?  Find a spot in the shade to put together an impromptu game of duck duck goose.  They were cheering each other on as they ran around the circle.  It was just TOO MUCH!

I wanted to share this adorable gift and GREAT idea to help you remember all of your littles.  One of my moms made me this and I will cherish it forever!  This would be a great gift for your class as well or a cute page to incorporate in a memory book.  Love the idea! 

How do you say good-bye to this?  
We worked really hard on our memory books the last couple of days of school to get them finished up. Here are some examples:
I love the details she added on her cover.

They had a lot of room to reflect on their favorite activities.  They wrote about things I didn't realize were their favorites! 

Packing up.  ARG.  I put EVERYTHING away this year in hopes of doing a little redecorating.  You don't realize how many books you have until you start taking them all off of the shelves.  Storage tip?  I use my crate seats to put all of my books in so they will fit in my closet.  Hundreds of books shoved in one space! 
 So I packed up my room, took one last look and walked away. Well....not really.  I went back on Monday to finish a few things and I have to go back any time I want to print anything but other than THAT....I walked away :)
Are you done yet?  If you are not don't hate me...we go back the end of July so while you are enjoying August I will be trying to keep my head above water again.  It feels very strange to be out so early this year too.  I don't get our schedule this year.  If you are out I hope you are enjoying summer! Today we are setting up the pool so I look forward to many afternoons of floating in the privacy of my back yard with a good book!
Here is what I'm reading!!
Check back for a book review later next week!  I just got started and I am LOVING it!