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Field Trip Fail!

I am only logging in tonight to vent my frustrations at mother nature.  First of all...I live in Arizona.  It never rains.  
It NEVER rains in May. 
Like ever.

I haven't done a lot of field trips in the last couple of years because our busses were horrible and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get one for a field trip.  Thanks to a bond we got new busses this year and I took advantage.  I planned a field trip. 
In May. 
Perfect right? 

No.  Not perfect. Today was filled with thunder, lightening, hail, and all sorts of other horrible weather disturbances that totally messed up our day.  ARG!

The day started like this...

Perfect right?  On the bus...happy children....excited teachers!

Then we got to the zoo and then we got to do this....

Super cool up and close encounters with snakes and tortoises. What could be better?  

Ummm.....no rain.  That could be better!  Within minutes we were surrounded by thunder storms and we had to hunker down and wait it out.  After a really long time (I didn't keep track!) of waiting we called it and got back on the bus.  Soaking wet....
I snapped this to my daughter to let her know she wasn't missing anything.  We were soaked, cold, and bummed!  I love the rain but not today! 

That's what happens when you take a chance and put yourself out there.  My kiddos don't really know what they were missing, they still had a great time!  We  had a peacock eat lunch with us...
and we got to touch a snake.  Kindergarten success.  I'm bummed but I'm keeping my chin up and hoping tomorrow the weather will cooperate for field day.  Heaven help us!