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What Are You Teaching? May 1

4 and a half days.....
What am I teaching?
As much as I can squeeze in with a field trip, field day, and half day mixed in! 

I'm not sharing my visual plans this week because to be honest they are pretty bare.  But I have found a couple of really great products to make my week go a little easier so I'm just going to share those here.

Instead of our morning work this week we are going to reflect with Cara Carroll's End of the Year Writing Freebie. I came across this Saturday morning and I'm really excited about it.  I already copied and cut 45 of them so it's a done deal!

We are also working on our memory books.  All week they will be working on different pages of this book to take home with them at the end of the week.

This is an easy option for memory books for a couple of reasons.  #1 It's black and white....no color left in the tank here!  #2 The kiddos make it.  I used to make very elaborate memory books for each of my kiddos with hundreds of pictures.  This option is so much more about the CHILD and not my obsession with scrapbooking.

What else are we doing?

During Read to Self we will be "cleaning out" the book boxes.  I like to have kiddos go through each box and make sure it has all of the correct books in it.  So instead of using their own browsing box (those will go home on Monday anyway) they check out a book box.  If they check out the "Pete the Cat" book box their job is to go through and make sure there are nothing but Pete the Cat books in there.  And of course they get to enjoy them too.  Read to Self is really exciting the last week of school.  They love this option!

Writer's Workshop:  Cleaning out our journals and putting our "go home" journal together.  We always write in small journals but our writing goes into a 1" binder all year long.  During this week we will get those together and send them home too.

Math:  We have a few activities and games we want to do from Guiding Kinders this week but mostly we will be cleaning out the math tubs and sending home math journals.  There's so much to do!

And a field trip to the zoo.....
and field day......

And we're done!  I can't believe how fast this year went.  They seem to go faster every year! I've already met a majority of my kiddos for next year too so that makes it go even faster!

Enjoy your last few weeks, days, hours.....whatever you have left! Thanks for stopping by today!