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What is Subitizing?

What is subitizing anyway?  
And more importantly....how do I say that word???

SUBITIZING is the ability to quickly identify the number of items n a small set without counting.  

It is pronounced "SUE"bitize....not "SUB"itize. I made this mistake in a fairly large math meeting.  I didn't feel too bad though because no one else knew how to say it or what it was either! 
Think about dice.  My grandmother was a brilliant Yahtzee player. She could add up those dice before they had even hit the table.  She had excellent subitizing skills!  When you roll a "6" and you know it's six just by the pattern on the dice that's subitizing.  We have been doing this our whole lives we just didn't know there was a name for it.  (Well at least I didn't!) 

This week we introduced the Subitize song from HeidiSongs.  The kids loved it and even better they now know the name that goes along with this skill!  I've been teaching number recognition with dot cards since WAY back when....we called them Quick Images in our old math program.  This song hit home for the kiddos with this skill and they REQUEST it every day.  Here is a little video....  

I also created this Powerpoint to play as soon as the song is done. It's super simple and just something to get me started.  I'm going to include more with it later but you can grab it now here FREE

The ten frames included in the Powerpoint are by Ashley Hughes designs.
That's one more way we are using HeidiSongs in the classroom.  It is such a relief to get to be silly, and sing, and dance a little every once in awhile in our whirlwind of a day.  If you have never watched any of her videos you can check them out HERE.  I promise, you will be up and dancing too!