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What Are You Teaching?: April 17th

The next two weeks are two of my FAVORITE in kindergarten.  It's such an exciting INDEPENDENT time when we can really take off and show what we know.  Here is what I am teaching this week!

Morning Work:  Morning work this week focuses on sight words (we are now writing them in ABC order!), the letter Ee, and writing sentences. 

Word Work Stations are featured below.  
All of the centers come from Unit 6 Week 2 Building Beavers.  This is the kick off of our wood and trees unit.  Using this story we will learn all about beavers and write about them in Writer's Workshop.  Next week the students will write their own research paper on an animal they choose. Talk about being independent!  

This is our last week of Unit 7 Guiding Kinders .  There are a lot of fun addition and subtraction word problem games that will become part of our math tubs for the rest of the year.  I'm excited to introduce these this year.   
See Kindergarten Morning Work Unit 6 HERE
See the Building Beavers Centers HERE.
Math Tubs:These happen after students are done with their independent work in our regular math lesson.  Last week I had a "we need to play" day and I wiped out the math tubs I had already set up.  I added in our measurement tubs (pinto beans and containers), counting collections, and flash card and fluency practice in.  All of these are favorites in our class and we just needed some fun.  The measurement tubs are by far the favorite but they really like all of them.  I put out the other dice games from my All Set? You Bet! centers too. 
See the All Set? You Bet! Centers HERE
Now for the REALLY FUN part of the week. Monday-Thursday my students will participate in a field trip to the river sponsored by our city.  12 students will go each day (without me...yikes!) with Mrs. H20 and some parent volunteers.  Mrs.H20 is our resident expert on the water cycle.  This is her 5th year bringing this amazing program to our school!  I am so thankful for her and her passion for water conservation. 

Have a great week friends!