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Five for Friday April 15th

We had a very busy week!  It's time for....
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 This picture doesn't show much but it signifies a lot that has been going on lately.  I am LOVING my new small group rotations, organization, and more importantly PROGRESS!  We've enjoyed some huge successes lately and I'm just really happy about it! 
This is Mrs. H20 and she does a HUGE series of field trips with our kinders each year.  Before we embark on these field trips she comes in to teach us about the water cycle.  This group was excited to meet her and they can't wait for the field trips to start next week! 

Stay tuned to hear more about the field trips.  We spend the first week going to our local river and learning all about where water comes from.  Mrs. H20 takes 11 students at a time and I stay back at school.  It's a long week but an exciting one!  
The second week Mrs. H20 comes back to take students on another field trip but this time to our local city water towers.  They walk from the water towers to the Waste Water Treatment Plant where they get to meet the Queen of Poo.  I'm NOT making that up!  During this field trip they learn about how we get water to our homes and where it goes when we are done with it.  It is an amazing 2 weeks of learning all about water! 
Sometimes you just have to slow down and watch your kids read.  I LOVE April because they are so super independent and they are TOTALLY engaged in reading.  It makes my teacher heart happy. 

 The seeds we planted last week are growing!  I am thrilled about this because I wasn't so sure anything was going to happen.  
I'm not a runner....I'm not very fast.  But this week I actually made it to the gym to "run" 3 days.  My hips were killing me by Thursday night but I did it.  I actually made it 2.5 miles each night and even though it hurt it felt really good!  I figure if I post about it I will be more inclined to do it again next week :) 

That was our week.  It doesn't sound like a lot but I am beat!  The next 2 weeks are going to be CRAZY with 10 kids out each morning on different field trips but I am ready to make this happen.  I hope you all have a RESTFUL weekend, happy resting friends!