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Sprouting Seeds!

Here is a quick update on our seeds and planting adventure we started on last WACKY WEDNESDAY.  If you want to read how this all started you can see it HERE!

So this was truly an experiment.  I've never used these little green houses or seeds for things like cucumber, tomato, or sunflowers in the classroom so this was really an adventure.  I was thrilled to see this Monday morning when I walked int he classroom.

 Isn't that cool?  Lot's of little sprouts happening in all different stages.  Some are just peeking through the soil and some are actual seedlings ready for more space.  We will be excited to transplant these into our garden in a couple of weeks.

Everything in the blue bins are flowers and the green bins are veggies.  We noticed that there were a BUNCH that didn't do anything.  Today we talked about time tables and that sometimes some seeds might take longer than others.  We are not giving up!

We have more fun news in the classroom. Today we prepped for our Water Literacy field trip that is sponsored by our city each year.  It's 2 weeks of field trips (12 kids a day for 2 weeks) and they learn all about our local river environment, where water in our area comes from, and where it goes when we are done with it (Waste Water Treatment Plant).  It's a great opportunity for my kinders to learn from experts in the community!
How much does a gallon of water weigh?
Learning all about the water cycle from our guest speaker.
Look at how attentive they are! 
If you want to hear more about this field trip you can read about it HERE.

That's just a fun little update of all the exciting things we are doing in the classroom.  Stay tuned for some GREAT animal research projects (after our trip to the river) and and some guided reading tips later this month.  Happy teaching friends!