Manic Monday, Read Across America, and RAIN!

Let's start with the rain.  
I live in the "desert".  
It doesn't rain all the time here. 
I don't own rain boots.  
No recess is no bueno in Kindergarten.  

Ok.  Now that I got that out I can get to the subject at hand.  READING!  I love Read Across America week.  I absolutely love it!  I don't go crazy with crafts or a bunch of activities but we do read.  We read to ourselves, we read to our friends, we read get the picture. I reminded my kiddos today that on the first day of school I told them they would learn to read in Kindergarten.  They didn't believe me then, but now they do! 

I didn't take any pictures (cause I was busy reading)....but we read Green Eggs and Ham today as a group.  I invited students to bring the book with them if they owned it so they could follow along.  We read it as a group and it was just one of those magical moments that you love being a teacher.  Tomorrow we will read Cat in the Hat and we will do the same thing.  I'll take a picture...maybe. 

Our resource officer came in and read One Fish, Two Fish.  I love that we have community members that love reading to my kiddos as much as I do! 

We have also been focusing on our sight words and I saw this on Heidisongs Facebook page the other day so we gave it a try.  My kiddos were totally engaged the whole time, they loved it.  We watched the videos and wrote the words on our white boards.  Reading and writing, what is better?
And then it rained some more....

I will share all of our fun that will come the rest of the week.  I will be better about taking pictures this week!