Sox Day and a Little Alphabet Hero

We had a tongue twister kind of a morning....

If you have ever read Fox in know what I mean! 
This book gets me every year! 
However, it's fun all the same, and who can resist crazy socks? 

It's been a lot of fun celebrating Read Across America this week.  Here is our schedule: 

Monday: Wear green for Green Eggs and Ham
Tuesday: Wear red and white for Cat in the Hat
Wednesday: Wear crazy socks for Fox in Sox
Thursday: Wear a fun hat for The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Friday: Wear blue for Horton Hears a Who

(I told them to hide their faces behind their books, and they all hid.  Gotta love a kinder!)

My goal for Read Across America week is to add in A LOT of reading but not take away from our regular schedule.  With half day Kinder you have to use every single second the best way possible!  My FAVORITE part of the week is reading the book of the day together.  Everyone that has it brings it in and it's just a lovely little reading time we share together.  Kind of like a bedtime story at school with a bunch of best friends. :)

We are on our final countdown for Spring Break.  This quarter FLEW by!  I'm excited to rest a little, enjoy my family, finish up some really big projects and enjoy a little Spring Training baseball.  The project I am most excited about is my new Alphabet Superhero Packets.  I was looking for hands on engaging activities for my Kinders as I introduce each new letter.  For now I'm going to use this for my kiddos that are still having trouble with letter recognition, but next year it will be used A LOT in the first quarter.  Each set includes handwriting (which we still are getting a handle on), craftivities, posters, and flash cards. Plus the bonus of darling superheroes!
 Just a little sample of what is included!
Half way there!

Enjoy the rest of your week!  We will enjoy some crazy hats tomorrow and a little Horton on Friday.  Then it's all about that break!