Peek at My Week: My Lucky Day

Sunday afternoon means one thing...
No it's not football.
Although that is happening too!
Peek at my Week time...
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Here are a few products we are using this week! 
Kindergarten Morning Word Work

This is what we use each morning as soon as we walk in the door.   It covers sight words (we are now writing them in ABC order, they are getting really good at it!),  letter of the week,  grammar skill,  writing sentences.  My day would fall apart without these! 

This unit goes with our story for the week and I have created centers to go along with it to work on specific skills.  Our usual stations are ABC Centers, Cut and Glue, Write the Room, Listening Station, Computer Station, and Work with the Teacher.  I have found that at this point in the year though I needed to add in some extras.  I have additional centers for those kiddos that finish early.
I had some questions about how I rotate my centers so I (finally) remembered to take a picture to show you.   I leave the names and move the big center labels.  I have 2 sets of kids so I need a lot of space to put them all up.  I tried a couple different ways but this has worked the best so far.  
I just have to remember to move the page each day....if I forget they remind me!
 The center labels match the center tubs so they know where to grab their materials.  Computers and Work with the Teacher don't need a tub :)
 Now on the Writer's Workshop!  I purchased Deedee Will's and Deanna's Jump Writing Through the Year units a couple of weeks ago.  It is keeping me on track with writing lessons and helping me plan my mini lessons.  After teaching Writer's Workshop for years I needed some extra inspiration and organization :)
Click on the cover to see it in their store! 
This week we are continuing our book writing (they loved this last week!).

For math I am currently working on Deedee and Deanna's Guiding Kinders Unit 4.  I love the organization of these units, the anchor charts, daily practice, and of course the lessons.  The kiddos are completely engaged during our group time.  After group work they work on their own for the independent practice and when they are done they go to a math tub.  This gives me an opportunity to work one on one with students that need extra help with that independent practice!  After math tubs we come back together and work in our math journals together. I love it!
 Click on the cover to see it in their store!

That's our week!  Now if you would like to see some more great plans or link up with your own head on over to Deedee's linky.  Click on the pic to get there!

Thanks friends!  Have a great week!