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Donor's Choose Success!

A few months ago I blogged about wanting to put together a Donor's Choose project.  I took the leap and gave it a shot and it's been an amazing adventure!  
I've been on cloud nine ever since I heard my projects funded (back in December) but today I was OVER THE MOON when I walked in my classroom and saw all of my materials had been delivered!  
Happy Day! 
My kids were excited to try out the rug.  Our Heidi Songs time was extra nice today because everyone had a nice neat spot to stand in.  No one was running into their neighbor or getting in their friends way.  It was like magic! 

The rug is HUGE!  Seriously huge.  It gives us a nice big space to work even when we are not at our small group lesson time. 
We usually use our little rugs from the carpet store during math tub time but today they took over the rug area and it was a happy, harmonious math time.  I'm loving this addition to our room already! 

And during reading time?  It was a great spot to lay down and read a book.  The kids love how soft it is. 
The printer came in at the end of the day and I am not quite done setting it up.  I can't wait to print out my materials for next week when I prep tomorrow.  I've got some anchor charts and posters that are going to look SO GOOD in color! 

Now my next step in the process is to have the kids write thank you notes and take some pictures of them using the materials.  We will have some letter writing in our lesson plans next week! 
Once I do that I send it out to Donor's Choose and they send out all the thank you notes to the donors.  After that...my next step is to think of a new project!  I'm thinking listening station....my kiddos love listening to books! 

Have you ever done a Donor's Choose project?  Any tips to share on the process?  I'm so happy I finally took the chance and put together a project.  I'm trying to inspire a few teachers in my school to give it a try too.  One posted a project for the school last week, so it's working :) 

Thanks for stopping by!