Teacher Talk Tuesday: Objectives

Objectives.....I need to post this for myself.  I need to get back on track.  Seriously, back on track.  I have used posted objectives for years but it seems like it's always changing.  We have had many trainings on how to effectively use objectives and I guess I just got a little jumbled up this year.  Too much information!  

My main frustration this year has been where to post objectives so that I am using them in the lesson.  It's really important to state your objective and then come back to it during the lesson.  It's also really important to go back at the end of the lesson and revisit the objective to make sure you've met your goals.  

Today I went back to my old favorite...and I think it's a keeper.  I post my objective right on the anchor chart I am using (in this case, chart paper for Writer's Workshop). 
My plan is to add this to the top of my chart each day.  We are currently working on writing our story over many pages (a book) so this was pretty simple for today.  Our main writing focus is sentence writing at this point in the year.  I underlined 'sentence' in the objective to highlight the fact that we all know what this means. (capitals, punctuation, spaces, and all our words have letters)

My main objective wall looks like this: 
It was inspired by Deedee Will's focus wall.  It's a good place to post all of my standards posters for the week, sight words, amazing words, letter of the week, and objectives. I need to redo the "Objectives" sign.  I used super cute paper that didn't turn out quite like I wanted :)

So those are my objectives.  Atleast that's the plan for now! 

Do you have to post objectives?  Do you use them?  I would be really happy to know that others struggle with the organization of it all as much as I do!