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It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS! Ornament freebie :)

2 more days.....ok, really just one and a half.  I can do this! 

Are you swimming in Christmas projects?  We are too here in Kinderland and with 2 groups of half day kiddos it feels like the projects are just multiplying.  I actually get the easy part here, I'm teaching Christmas Around the World and my aide who runs the extension program (where the kids are when they are not with me) is handling all the crafts.  We have some really cute ones to share! 

A mom (not a class mom, but a super mom who always helps us out in Kindergarten) planned our family craft.  (Look away parents....I know you read these, don't ruin the surprise) 

They were actually pretty easy to do.  If you are short on time these can be done in an afternoon.  They are not quite done yet....that will still be a surprise!

They also had the 5th graders come help with gingerbread houses today. So much sugar!  I was completely impressed with what great helpers the 5th graders were. 

This was a great connection to our gingerbread man exchange through the Simply Kinder Facebook page.  We sent our gingerbread men to Texas and got some back in return.  So fun!
 I just got ours from Mrs. Irwin in Texas so we will hand them out tomorrow and take some more pictures.  I hope she got ours ok! 

All this last minute talk reminded me of a project I did last year that was easy peasy.  You can grab it here for free if you need an ornament to send home! Just click on the picture:
Yes...I changed it to say 2014 :) 

All you have to do is print it on red construction paper and cut them out.  Cut a bunch of different strips of paper (I used a bunch of old scraps from my scrapbooking days) in the 4 sizes and I had the little star punch for the top but you could cut those out too.  I put it all in a bag so they didn't have to go grab anything....

I put a school picture on the back and that was that!  It was my stress free ornament last year and they turned out really cute!

 So tomorrow we finish up our journey around the world. Click on the picture to see Simply Kinders store.  
Brazil Fireworks....
To finish this up tomorrow we have one little friend who celebrates Hanukkah and he has agreed to teach us the dreidel game.  It has been a great lesson on tolerance for all our kiddos to learn about traditions all over the world.  We have talked a lot about "same" and "different" including the weather in each country we have visited.  I can't wait for them to take their books home tomorrow and read them with their families.

I can't believe how fast the week has flown by.  I hope it slows down when break starts so it feels extra long!  Happy Holidays friends!