The Little Christmas Tree and TONS of glitter!

Glitter!  Lots and lots of glitter!  I know my custodian walked into my room tonight and rolled his eyes.  I tried to clean it up....I really tried! 

We did the "easiest" little project today in our trip around the world.  Today we studied traditions in America, including Kwanza and Hanukkah.  It was a very glittery day! 

First project was decorating our Little Christmas Tree.  My mom and dad went on vacation last summer in California and brought home a TON of these little pinecones.  Actually huge pinecones. 
My mom and dad are some of my biggest supporters.  When my mom sees something she knows I can use in my classroom she grabs it up.  They brought home 65 of these babies! 

We read The Little Christmas Tree which is one of my favorite Christmas stories.  It also links back to all of our discussions about evergreens (in our science unit in October) and also the life cycle of a plant.  We did some science investigations with the pinecones a month or so ago but now it was time for some art! 
The kiddos painted them with glue and then I sprinkled them with glitter.  I tried to keep it clean.  I even had a plan....
I took a paper box from the teacher's work room and did all the "glittering" inside the box.  It worked really well until, know what happens with glitter.  When we packed up to go home they carried their adorable little "trees" all over the classroom (and common area) and got glitter everywhere!  Ugh! 

I will not be discouraged by this though.  I have some treats for my custodian so he won't be totally mad at me tomorrow.

Next up on our list was Hanukkah.  I have one little friend who was excited to share his traditions with the class.  He taught us the dreidel game and the kiddos loved playing it (and eating the chocolate!) 
Tomorrow is a a half day (cue angels singing here).  Yes, a glorious half day and then we get to start Winter break.  Can I get an amen? Being back in Kinder this year has made me appreciate breaks so much more.  I will miss my sweet kiddos over break (their daily hugs.....seriously I forgot how much Kinders like to hug) and all their constant Kinderisms.  I know that's not a word, but if you teach Kinder you know what I mean.  

Have a great break friends!  I will be relaxing (some) and also enjoying time with my family (a lot) AND working on some products for my store.  If you are waiting for Morning work, homework, or centers I hope to get them all caught up over break!  Fingers crossed! 

Have a wonderful Friday...enjoy those joyous moments with your students!