Peek at my Week: Tall, Small, and Tail Letters freebie!

It's Sunday, you know what that means!
Take a Peek! 

I have a 6 day rotation for word work centers so they are not changing out this week.  We just switched last Wednesday.  It saves me a lot of planning time to stretch these centers out a bit, plus I don't have to redo them on the weekend, I can wait until the middle of the week when I have more time (yeah right!) 

Here are a few of the products I am using this week:

 For Word Work centers, writing, small group instruction, and also posters to keep me on track!
Weekly sight word practice pages are a new addition to our Read to Someone routine.  We wrapped up letter naming fluency last week after I gave a final round of assessments. 
(just to be sure!) 
And now for a freebie!   
We are talking about capital letters this week at the beginning of our sentences in Writer's Workshop.  Have you ever noticed that ALL the letters end up looking the same size?  When Kinders start the writing process size of letters becomes an issue.  We have a tall, small, and tail letter lesson and add in the fact that ALL capitals are tall.  It will be a year long reminder for us to keep in our journals and a resource for kiddos that need it.
You can get this simple reminder by clicking on the picture. :)

I needed a little creative therapy last night.  It was a hectic week and I needed something to bring me down from the sugar high!  I finally put the finishing touches on the Question of the Week (this goes along with Investigations curriculum)  I created a few weeks back.  Now they are all done and I'm leaving them 50% off for the rest of the weekend.
That's my week!  I hope you have an awesome week and all the sugar is out of your kiddos systems! (fingers crossed!)
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