Manners Monday!

How important are manners in the classroom?  
Thank You?
You're Welcome? 
Do you hear these very often? 
In my opinion (especially teaching Kinder) they are the foundation we build our classroom community on.  I am a stickler for good manners and we practice, practice, practice using our manners every day!

Here are a couple of examples: 

Passing out papers: 
I love it when someone automatically says thank you without being prompted.  It causes a ripple effect of thank you's throughout the classroom.  I have made it my life's mission to say "You're Welcome" every time a student says thank you because I don't think we say this enough!  I'm even getting a few "Thank you, m'am" to which I answer back, "You're welcome sir/madam".  They love it!  Everyone loves being called sir/madam! 

Share time: 
When I ask a student to share during Writer's Workshop I ask the same way every single time.  "Joey, will you share with us please?".....and I've "trained" them to answer back, "Yes, thank you."  When we start our year we talk about what a special moment this is to share our writing, and it is something to thank our friends for (listening).  In return this reminds our friends to be good listeners. 

Also during share time we our friends give a "comment (something positive) and a help for next time".  The person sharing always thanks the friend for the tip and of course the friend says "You're welcome".  It is a happy little moment in the classroom when they naturally start making this exchange.  We are there this year! 

Lunch time: 
I do not have lunch duty but I hang out for a few extra minutes to help the kiddos get through line.  I've also set the expectation here for "please" and "thank you" when getting their lunches.  It makes all the difference when handing out 20 or so milks when you hear each little sweetie say thank you.  It just makes for a happy environment. 

Happy kids draw happy pictures!
This picture made me smile today!

Just a few random thoughts for the day. Thank you for listening :) .  How do you incorporate manners in the classroom?  Does it feel natural or forced?  (I have to admit it feels a bit forced in the beginning!)

Hope your Monday was fabulous, mine was!  My kiddos were all on point today and we got so much accomplished!