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It's Fall Friends!

I feel so behind. This week has been so strange with a Tuesday holiday and to top it off I have some PD on Friday so I'll need to have a sub.  Do we ever really catch up?

Here are a few things we've been up!

In Math we have been comparing things like crazy.  We have been using my new Question of the Day pages for our journals and it's been a great way to compare numbers. We also completed the grab and compare game in our math tubs this week. You can click HERE to see the post, the recording sheet is posted as a freebie.
We are reading!  Holy moly we are really reading!  Just this week I was reminded why I love Kindergarten so much (I actually say that a lot!) I can see them making new connections every single day.  They are excited about reading and I am over the moon!
Pitstop.....a little family time at NASCAR!
Fall Friends:  We started my Fall Friends centers this week and the kiddos loved them.  We are quite a ways past letter recognition but they really loved these letter matching games.  They also loved the Spin a Word Activity.  I thought I'd only be able to use these centers through one rotation but there are so many I haven't even touched yet.


I know it's fall but we are just now getting around to our Plants and Animals FOSS kit.  We planted grass last week (to go along with our Reading Street Jack and the Beanstalk unit).  Timing is way off but the kiddos loved it all the same!
The book One Bean was a great was to end the day after reading Jack and The Beanstalk, comparing seeds, planting seeds, and labeling parts of a plant in our journals.

That sums up our week! After having Tuesday off for Veteran's Day I feel like we will be starting all over again tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by, hope the rest of your week goes great!