Apple Fun and a VERY hungry caterpillar!

Oh my goodness, my class had so much fun today with our guest teacher Mrs. Adams.  They now officially call her Mrs. Apple.  (I wonder who Mr. Apple is?)  They read books, talked about the lifecycle of an apple tree, ate apples, voted on their favorites, taste tested applesauce, and planted apple seeds.  All this in about 2 hours.  I don't know how Mrs. Apple does it...she has way more energy than I do!  

Now I get to do it with my morning group on Wednesday.  I hope I can live up to all the fun the afternoon group had today! 

Here are a few quick pics of some of the learning that was recorded during this busy day of fun! 

 In other science news I had a fun discovery this morning...

I caught this little guy in the parking lot on Friday. 
I figured it wouldn't hurt to find him a few flowers to munch on and see if he would actually turn into the very hungry caterpillar and spin a chrysalis right before our very eyes.  Well....he didn't.  I guess he ate until he could eat no more and spun his chrysalis over the weekend.  I was shocked to find him all curled up and hanging from a branch when I got to school this morning. Actually I was shocked I didn't find him dead....but the idea of introducing him to the kiddos today and waiting to see what happened kind of lost it's surprise factor.  No matter, it will still be fun to see what happens from here!

Ok, what's the strangest thing you have ever brought in to your classroom to show your kids?  This isn't my strangest by far.....the top of the list would be a tarantula last year (although I let my student teacher do most of the sharing of that one!)