What's Happening Wednesday: Classroom Reveal!

What have I been up to?  
I've been doing a lot of work in my classroom that's what! 
I'm excited to share a few pics with you today so get ready for picture overload here...
First and foremost...my closet.  I moved classrooms this year and that is always an opportunity to clean out and organize.  (I've been teaching 10 years...this is my 6th classroom!)  I'm getting pretty good at this.

I might have to keep my closet open just to stare in amazement at how beautiful it is!
I used my Classroom Decor Pac to organize all my binders.  I got rid of my file cabinet last year and put everything into binders.  I have January through December binders to keep all my purchases and creations straight and right at my fingertips.  I'm excited about this!
My library is coming right along.  I FINALLY have a place to keep my big books (this has always been a struggle) and I increased my library bins by 18....only a few are pictured here.  So now I have a category for just about everything a Kindergartener would be interested in.  Maybe!
My math shelf is looking awesome with all my new labels that match the rest of my classroom.  I love having these all ready to go so I can teach on the fly!
One thing I want to change...my Learner Profile posters from last year.  I love them but I have changed my decor so the "Chevron Brights" don't match anymore.  It's driving me crazy!  But I love having them displayed like this. 
My Daily Five and CAFE wall.  I have to do a little tweaking to get my ICharts to fit but this is where the bulk of my teaching takes place!
This is my IB Interactive Wall.  We post our classroom questions here and the focus for each unit.  I created this "bulletin board" by stapling a sheet to the wall and adding border.  This room did NOT have enough bulletin boards for me!
My new grammar wall!  I posted this as a freebie at the beginning of the summer, you can get it HERE.  I don't have a {perfect} picture of what this will look like this year but it is something we are trying to incorporate in our district this year and I am excited about using it!
I FINALLY found a place for my number posters.  I couldn't fit them in one long line in the room ANYWHERE.  Believe me, I tried.  I finally put them in the corner (and got rid of the TV that belonged here).  I'm hoping this works for my Kinders!
I'm excited to use these sentence strips as my objective board.  I cut out "objectives" with my Cricut that I don't use nearly enough!
I LOVE my new calendar that matches everything in my room! 
This picture is a little bit of everything, but I wanted to share it to show the number line at the top of my white board. I have NEVER EVER been able to use a number line all the way to 100 in one easy space.  I made this in hopes it would fit and IT. FIT. PERFECTLY!  I was so thrilled when I finally had a usable number line for my classroom! 

So that's what's happening this Wednesday for me!  I'm so close to being totally ready it's not even funny.  Tomorrow is the last day of summer school and then I have 1 week to relax before it's time to go back.  I hope you are still enjoying a summer break and NOT working in your classrooms!
If you would like to check out the products I used to decorate my classroom you can see them here: 

 And oh yeah!  Everything is on sale until the 26th!  Christmas in July ya'll!