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Phew!  It's in the books!  My first day back in Kindergarten and let me tell you...
I'm a little out of practice!

I was all over it this morning....no criers.....(except a mom or two), we were on task and getting things done and then this afternoon I ran out of steam!  We didn't exactly fall apart but it was hard to keep it together!  It's a long day for littles that just are not accustomed to being at work all day long. 

So we talked about our jitters (read First Day Jitters) and that it's ok to be nervous...even for the teachers!  I included this activity to express our feelings about our day: 
They colored the emotion they were feeling for the day and then drew a picture of themselves on the first day of school.  I'm impressed already with the little artists I have in the room. 

I hung them all up on our WOW work wall and it was an easy peasy way to display work.  I'm really happy with this addition to my room!  It took me about 3 minutes to display 46 pages of work!
I shared this earlier this summer but I will share it again just in case you are looking for a first day of school activity to go with First Day Jitters. Click on the picture to get it for free!
 So I hope you are feeling less than nervous about your first day back.  I'm all ready to go back and give it another go tomorrow!

What is your favorite activity for the first day of school?  
Or week?  
I might need some ideas by Friday!