What's Happening Wednesday: BEE Books

I have to share a one of the best things I have ever implemented in my classroom with you today.  BEE books! They are my What's Happening Wednesday because I just finished making 48 of them and I'm pooped!

OK, first off.  These are NOT my idea.  I wish they were because they are amazing!  All credit for these goes to Jessica Meacham.  I've been stalking her from way before any blogging days, Tpt days, or even any type of social media.  I remember when she friended me back on FB I was so star struck!  She saved. my. life. when I taught Kindergarten many moons ago and I am forever in her debt. 

If you have never visited her site you must go now and check it out.  So many great resources and ideas!  I started using BEE books about 7 or so years ago when I saw them on her site.  They go like this: 
A simple label on the front that says BEE Book (Bring Everything Everyday).  She has these available, I made my own but they were not perfect!  I'm a little frustrated with that but I'm not remaking 48. 
The front inside cover has a little sticker with my contact information and a "Left at Home" sticker.  All papers at the end of the day that need to go home go in this side of the folder. 
 The first thing they see inside the folder is a zipper pocket with a little sticker that says "Money and Notes".  I encourage (actually I insist) that parents put any money or notes in this pocket.  I am horrible about being handed a note and then setting it down, sticking it in my pocket, or just burying it under a pile of homework.  (this makes me sound really unorganized but if you've ever been in a primary classroom you know what I mean!)  If they use the pocket I am SURE to see it because I check through them every morning.  It's quick and easy with the clear pocket in the front. 

The next page is my class calendar.  We have important dates on this but mainly I use this as my communication tool with parents.  Students get a stamp every day if they have a good day.  If they have anything they need to work on (like talking out in class), they get a number that corresponds to this classroom expectation at the bottom of the page.  Again, this is not my idea, I took it from a colleague a few years back but it has been like gold to me in my classroom.  It is a great way to communicate every day with parents. 
 These calendars are available free in my Tpt store :) Click on the pic to see it.
Next up is the "What is a BEE Book?" page.  It explains everything to parents. Jessica has this available on her site too but I made my own because I have a few things that are different in my books.
Next up is a resource page from KinderAlphabet
District Calendar: 
Sight Word Page:
Next up is a clear pocket to put their sight word readers in: 
The last page is the "Right Back to School" pocket for all those important papers that need to come right back to school. 
Ok, so here are the details.  All the labels are available on Jessica's sight.  I use some of hers and make some on my own.  Making labels is NOT my favorite thing (why is it so difficult?) so I usually use hers.

So why 48?  Don't fret, I don't have 48 kids all day long!  I think I would lose my mind.  I do however have 24 in the morning and 24 in the afternoon.  Yes, the dreaded half day Kindergarten.  Keep me in your thoughts because this will be my first try at the endeavor!  Our kiddos are at school all day, but they are with an aide the other half of the day.  Confusing...I know!  

Thanks for stopping by!  What are you up to this Wednesday?