Happy Father's Day! FREE Printable

Well, tomorrow is father's day but I just enjoyed a very large father's day BBQ with my dad so it seemed ok to say it a little early. (I am so full right now, I should be walking instead of blogging!)  I also have something fun to share in case you are a late shopper like me!  

Before we get to gifts, let me tell you a few fun things about my dad....

 He just turned 70 last year.  We are so very thankful for this fact every day.  10 years ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and not given much hope at all.  He went through over a year of intense treatment along with brain surgery to remove the tumor.  We are always happy to report each year when he has his check up that every thing is normal.  Well, as normal as can be expected with him! 

He still can't take a decent selfie.  Then again, either can I.....

He just learned how to use the camera on his flip phone.  No one knows what he does with the pictures but he takes them.
 He loves a good joke and loves to laugh.  When I hear a good joke my first thought is always, "I should tell that one to my dad".

More than anything he is a hard worker and taught us to do the same.  He was the dad that made you change your tire and your oil before you were allowed to drive anywhere by yourself and insisted I learn to drive a manual instead of an automatic.  I know all about the important things in life because of him!  

So even though I know he will never see this in a million years, happy father's day dad and I love you!

So who could possibly top that?  Well, let me tell you, I married him!  I also want to brag a little on my handsome husband.  Even though I know he won't see this in a million years! 

I couldn't ask for a more devoted father for our girls.  He is always there for us no matter what.  He makes every game, meet, play, performance or award ceremony.  He's a great dad!  These girls are lucky to have him!  (he also hates having his picture taken, so I'm lucky I have these 2 pictures on hand!)

Oh!  I promised a free printable!  Here you go. I made these cute little get ups for the dads in my life.  My dad liked his, he loves snack food! 
 I made a jar of sweet and salty snack mix and mixed in a few peanut M&M's. I attached it to a box of sweet and salty kettle corn and tied a bag of beef jerky on the back (cause what's a father's day gift without beef jerky?)  
Here are the signs I made: 

I didn't use all the tags.  I planned on getting the popcorn for the "POPS" tag but I saw the sweet and salty kettle corn and it went with my sweet and nutty theme.  Last year I got him just a jar of nuts that said "I'm nuts about you!"....as you can see I stick with the food theme!

Feel free to click on the picture to grab these from my Google Drive and to all the dads out there, have a Happy Father's Day!