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Field Trip Galore!

Do you ever just get in a rut? You start to feel like you run the same routine day in and day out and you just need a break? Not a spring break but a break from all the regular stuff in the classroom..... 
Well I do! 
After 3 quarters of really hard work I.....I mean WE needed to get out of the classroom! 

It was time for our community helpers unit and a little exploration. I've had this idea in my head for a little while but this year I made it happen. A whole week of community field trips! 

Monday: We started the week visiting Safeway, our local grocery store. We got to visit the produce department, meat department, and view the store from the cat walk up above. It was really neat! I remember going on the same field trip when I was little (to the exact same store!). We got to sample items from the deli and even take home a cookie and an orange. This was a big hit!  

Tuesday: The police department! 

We toured the department, checked out the holding cells, listened to the LOUD sirens, and even got to meet Jax! He is an amazing police dog! 

Wednesday: Ok....I have to admit by Wednesday I was feeling a little crazy. Who planned all this anyway? We visited the Fire Department just down the street from our school. It was sort of a bust, but ended up being cool at the same time. The fire department was called out to a pretty big call right before we showed up so EVERYONE was gone. There wasn't a soul around to show us the station and they actually asked me if I could come back. Um...no, this is it. Our one big chance. Luckily the nice gentleman who works at the front was nice enough to show us around. Even though he probably wasn't planning on entertaining 2 classes of kindergarten students that morning he did a really good job! No pictures from this day because to be honest I was a bit stressed! 

Thursday: Our final day of field trips and I was the MOST excited about this one because I've never done it. We headed to the post office with post cards in hand to find out how the mail works! 
You can get these free postcards at the post office to mail off. This was so fun! I can't wait to hear from my kiddos when they get their post cards at home this week! 

That was our super extravaganza of field trips this week. Why one a day?? I got that question a lot this week and honestly it was planned that way for a reason. After about an hour of listening my kiddos are DONE and anything past that turns into herding cats rather than actually learning something new. If we had driven around town all day we might have been able to do 2 of these places and then stop for lunch in a park (which would have been equally as fun) but I wanted to see it all! Next year I plan on adding in some visitors to come and see us in the afternoons (trash collector, veterinarian, and maybe a doctor/dentist?)  but I don't think I'd change a thing about our week. We had a lot of fun and learned so much! 

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