Best Play Dough Ever!

I make my own play dough because #1...I am cheap....and #2 It is SO MUCH BETTER! I made some tonight to go with my March Math Centers that will get us through the rest of the month and I just had to share. Here is the recipe:

I have dubbed this the best play dough recipe EVER because it was the first one I used many moons ago that didn't dry out right away. Here are the oh so easy directions:

3 cups of flour, 1 1/2 cups salt, 2 tablespoons oil, 1 tablespoon Cream of Tarter and 3 cups of water in a sauce pan. I just dump it all in right on the stove:
The secret to this play dough is the Cream of Tarter. I've used other recipes without it (and tried to substitute) and it is just NOT the same!
Don't leave it out! 
Put on medium heat and start to stir. I added my food coloring right away this time. It worked out great! It will be pretty saucy at first...
I stir the whole time because the action happens fast...
It starts to form as dough and gets really hard to stir...
And there you go! It's ready to knead...(this is the best part!)

Need some sensory therapy? Kneading warm play dough is a great form of therapy!

It took me about 5 minutes start to finish. Ok...maybe 10. At one point my husband came through the kitchen all surprised because I was cooking but he was super disappointed when he saw my green concoction. In hind sight maybe I should cook for him more often :)

So this will last us for months...if we keep it that long. I actually throw it out after about a month just because of germs.

We are using this playdough to make 3D shapes this month. I realized the last time we went through testing that we are really needing some work with cylinders, spheres, cubes, and cones. Students will be using the play dough to make the shapes.

This activity is available in my March Math Centers and I included it in April's set too! Here is an image to pin for later or click on it to see the set in my store. :)

Thanks for stopping by today! You still have time to make some play dough for tomorrow! Get to it!