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What Are You Teaching? April 10th

So simple today.  Everything is pretty much routine but we are preparing to shake things up quite a bit in the next couple of weeks.

Morning Work:  Morning work is essential in my room.  If we start without it no one knows what to do and our morning just falls apart!  This week our morning work focuses on the letter O, sight words, and prepositions. 

Word Work Stations are featured below.  All of the centers come from Unit 6 Week 2 Old MacDonald had a Workshop.  We are preparing for our Wood and Trees science unit that will start next week and this story is a great way to introduce wood working in a fun way! 

In Writer's Workshop I am going to keep going with our PEER EDITING work.  We introduced this last week but we need a LOT more practice to be successful in this.  Be on the look out for a blog post about this soon! 

We are just about done with Unit 7 of Deanna Jump and Deedee Will's Guiding Kinders units.  I just might make it all the way to 9 this year!  This week is all about solving addition and subtraction problems and we are going to be doing a lot of ACTING OUT this week....in a good way! 

Math Journals might get a break this week since we will be spending extra time solving problems during our regular math time.  I've added in a bunch of centers from May's All Set? You Bet! centers because I don't know how much more time I have left to add those in!  May is going to sneak up and be gone before you know it! 

Click on the pic to see UNIT 6 Morning Work 

Click on the pic to see the centers for Old MacDonald had a Workshop

Click on the pic to see MAY All Set? You Bet! Easy Prep Centers
WACKY WEDNESDAY will be all about dirt!!  Well, not dirt....soil.  We planted last week and one of the things we did as we put the seeds in the soil was make a list of observations about the soil.  They all noticed there were little bits of trees in there and they had so many questions about it!  We are going to look into that and try to answer some questions (and hopefully incorporate some worms too!)  This is the fun thing about teaching with a focus on inquiry.  I didn't imagine we would have questions about the soil....but that's where we are going!  I'll post about that later in the week too! 

That's my week friends.  I hope you have a great one!