Sight Word FUN!

Last year I saw a great post from Heidi at Heidi Songs about using her sight word videos with white boards.  It was a big hit with my kiddos last year and today I decided we were ready to try it with this group.  They LOVED it!  It's a super simple activity that gets them connecting with the videos in a whole new way.    
 Total engagement......very little effort. Win-win!
 To keep them from writing/erasing/writing/ get the idea....I simply didn't give them an eraser and told them not to erase with their fingers.  We wrote each word one time and we kept going until our boards were full.  That gave us about 13-15 songs which was a full 20 minute activity.  They were sad when it was done!  I gave them a tissue when we were done to erase really quick (handing out erasers drives me crazy, a quick tissue for each pair makes for fast clean up). 

If you don't own the videos you can get them HERE.  I also have the alphabet videos which we use at the beginning of the year.  There are a ton of engaging videos to get you singing and moving in your classroom.   We can't get enough of Heidi Songs in our classroom!

How do you mix things up in your classroom?