SAVING Conference Week!

Hooray! It's time for February Parent/Teacher conferences!  Why so excited you ask?  In kindergarten our February conferences are a time for celebration.  This is the time of year that parents start reporting all the great things that are happening with their kiddos!
"They are reading everything!"
"They are so excited about reading!"
"I can't believe how much they have grown!"
Those are the comments I look forward to hearing this week.  I enjoy getting together with parents and celebrating with them.
Now, don't let me mislead you.  It is still a huge undertaking.  Yes, P/T conferences are A LOT of work.  Joyful work but still exhausting.  By the end of the week I can hardly speak in full sentences.  I always feel sorry for the 4pm conference on Friday!  I have 45 kiddos this year (2 sessions) so that's a lot of conferences to schedule.  
Here are a few tips for getting them ready!
 This gets me all set for the actual week of conferences.  To get ready to meet with parents I put together our Weekly Work Packet (I do these every week) and include a write up for each student so that I can stay on track during the conference.  To squeeze in 45 conferences in one week I have to stay focused! 
Conference Report with DIBELS goals...
Blank Conference Report
 I created these with our DIBELS goals on them so I can show parents exactly where their child is in terms to our end of the year goals at this point (there are also December goals included for those early conferences).  I made a blank page too for teachers who use other forms of assessment. 

Tonight I sit here getting ready for our big week ahead. 
I'm all set!
 When are your next set of conferences?  I've got you covered with forms and reminder notes.  You can click HERE to get them free.  I've offered these for the last 2 years and they are my most popular download.  I love hearing from teachers that they are helping get their conferences organized.  That's half the battle!