Classroom Reveal! My FIRST classroom video!

A couple of teacher work days, 42 parent conferences, and a whole lot of cutting and laminating and I am finally ready for school!  I stepped WAY OUT of my comfort zone today and made a video in those final quiet minutes before open house.  Here it is!  
So, that's my first try at becoming a videographer....don't worry, I'm going to stick with my day job!  Here are a few highlights...

Here are a few of the decoration sets that I used this year.  My teaching partner did all got a quick glance at her room in the video.
My room is done in all the Classroom Brights Decor.....
You can click on the pictures to see them in my store.  All of my classroom decoration sets are only $5!  It takes a lot to decorate a classroom, I don't think you should break the bank doing it! 

Today was our first day.....I'm beat!  I am off to bed but I will be posting about our first few days.......sometime in the next few days!  No promises!