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What Worked Well Wednesday: Math Tubs

Welcome to the first week of What Worked Well Wednesday from the Kinder Tribe!  This group has been such an inspiration to me and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!  You can link up (when you are done here of course!)  with something that worked well for you too! 

I OFFICIALLY report back tomorrow.  For this first WWW Wednesday  I'm going to go back to a great procedure I implemented last year that helped a TON during math time. 
 I made these math tubs out of dishpans from Wal-Mart (about $1.99 each).  I used Mod Podge to attach the numbers to the front to keep them organized on my shelf.  The numbers don't mean anything!!  Strange I know, but I like to know they stay in the same order and the kiddos have to put them back where they belong.
 After we finish our regular math lesson and partner work students go back to their seats to complete independent work.  When they are done they raise their hand to come see me at the  my small group table and I check over their work.  If it is really "done" (they GOT it!) I let them go to a math tub.  They get a tub and a rug and go find a place to work.  They can work on their own or with a partner.  I keep all kinds of things in the tubs like pattern blocks, ten frames, building blocks, and sorting materials (at the beginning of the year).  As we learn new skills I add them to the math tubs.  These are a great way to reinforce math concepts in the classroom!  

Bonus for me?  Those students that are struggling with the independent work get to come to the small group table and work one on one with me on the independent work.  I get to that important time with students and EVERYONE is engaged.  Perfect! 

I've created some games that I like to include in my math tubs.  These are a huge favorite in the classroom!  Lots of fun with a gameboard and dice! 

So that's my WWW Wedensday.  NOW you can go link up with Kinder Tribe!  Click HERE to see some other great posts from some great kindergarten teachers!