Peek at my Week: August 30

It's time for Peek at my Week!  Here we go!
Just kidding....I wish.  This is actually a peek at my day.  Hence the late night plans tonight!

Here are the products I am using again this week!
Click on any of the pictures to see them close up on TPT.

Now I need to go to bed because I am sunburned and TIRED!  Have a great week friends! Don't forget to linkup with Deedee at Mrs.Wills' Kindergarten for Peek at my Week! 

Five for Faturday.....yes, I said Faturday!

Yes people.  It's Five for Faturday.  I was tired last night.  Really, really tired. 

That doesn't mean I didn't want to share!  Here it is, my week wrapped up in pictures! 

 We are in full swing with our math journals this week.  We even made it to "Grab and Count" which tells me they are really ready to be independent and start solving problems.  Creating representations for our math journals is not an easy task for some kiddos but this class has it down pat already!

 Monday was my anniversary and I had a wonderful day at work, a few surprises, and a great dinner that night.  Our dinner conversation was pretty reflective as we look back on raising 3 beautiful daughters.  We have a great life!
 My goal in the classroom is to create a comfy spot that kiddos can work and collaborate in.  This class is settling in just fine!
 We introduced some new rotations (always a challenge at the beginning of the year) and they did great.  The listening station was a big hit and of course play dough letters too.
THIS was the perfect way to end the week.  Dinner and dessert with friends.  Couldn't ask for much more! 

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Peek at my Week: Week 3 of Kindergarten

 We are on a roll!  I am introducing a lot of new things this week, I can't wait!

We are ready to start Listen to Reading in our Daily Five rotations (one of their favorites!) and we are starting our Fluency Routine too at the end of Read to Self/ Read to Someone rotation. 
We are continuing our discussions on cooperation with our 
Question of the week: 
How do you cooperate at home?  
This makes for great conversations during Writer's Workshop.  
Which reminds me, we are introducing notebooks this week too.  
I told you, so many new things this week!

Last week I said I wouldn't do visual plans anymore....well I guess I lied.  I did change up my layout a little bit to make them one page only.
In our Morning Word Work we are continuing working on writing our name, letters O, P, Q, R, S, and first sound fluency.  By the end of next week we will have the whole alphabet introduced and then we will go back and really dive into each letter. 

Our word work stations are growing weekly.  We have writing activities from my Plaidypus Lost unit and listening station response sheets as well as some alphabet activities.  I made play dough last week so we will use that all week in word work too with some ABC Play dough Mats.  

I also added some centers for ABC practice and writing fun from my All Set? You Bet! unit. 

In Writer's Workshop I am following some of my favorite plans from Jessica Meacham to introduce our notebooks.  We have been writing on separate sheets each day while I figure out my groups and teach all of our procedures.  They are ready for notebooks.....  
I'm excited for them to have their notebooks! 

And last but not least I am about half way through Unit 1 of Guiding Kinders by Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills.  I continue to love this, it's such a great math routine and each concept is introduced so carefully.  We introduced math journals last week so we will be continuing with those this week too. 
Here are the links for all the products I am using this week!
 That's our week!  Can you believe we fit in all of this in 2 hours and 45 minutes? Crazy right?  I know I feel a little crazy by the end of the day and my little ones can barely keep their eyes open.  Gotta love Kindergarten in August! 

Link up with Deedee at Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten to share your visual lesson plans!  I did!

Five for Friday: August 21

 This was our second full week of kindergarten and we are in the swing of things now!  It is such a great feeling to have all those procedures set and know that we are ready to move forward.  Here is a little look at our week!
 This was my "must have" that I bought this summer.  I actually got two!  I have resisted the temptation to laminate everything in my house so it was really fun to laminate some center cards last week.  I love that the laminating is super thick, unlike our big laminator at school. (although I'm still thankful for that thing too!)
 We are learning our ABC's!  It's important to remember where we are starting because when I look back in May I will be amazed at how far we have come.  We loved our ABC centers this week.

 We got done with our math lesson EARLY on Thursday and I was really thankful I had our math journals ready to go.  I wasn't planning on starting these this week but it was a perfect opportunity to introduce them! 
 My sweet sister sent me this picture of her alphabet all ready to go in her classroom.  She has had so much fun decorating her room this year with all of her DIY projects and this set that we designed for her while I was visiting her this summer.  
 Click here to see it up close!
I pulled out an oldie but a goodie for Fun Friday today.  I forgot to take pictures (arg!) but the kiddos had fun making letters out of these today.  This is my "original" copy I sent home to parents YEARS ago to get some play dough for centers. Notice it's in Comic Sans and I have no idea where I got that little clip art guy from!  I don't have a digital copy anymore, I hold on to this piece of paper so I can keep making perfect play dough! 
That's my FFF!  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching HERE.  Have a great weekend everyone!

What Worked Well Wednesday! Centers that WORK!

I'm excited that I FINALLY have time to link up for WWWW! Any Kinder teacher can tell you the first few weeks of school are exhausting.  I'm right there, right now.  I'm starting to feel my feet under me after a couple weeks of craziness!

So what's working in my crazy world right now?  CENTERS!  

Getting a great center routine going is not an easy task.  We introduce each step 
........I mean snail speed.  
If you rush it, you will lose them.  Here are few things to keep in mind. 
  • How will they get to their center? (dismiss them, finish another job first?)
  • Where will they work? (floor? table? under a desk?)
  • What do they need? (materials, writing tools, scissors?)
  • How will they know when they are done? 
I make sure I know the answers to all of these questions before I introduce our routine and then I make sure they know all the answers too.  It's all about being independent! 

So what's working for me? 
 This is our first REAL week of centers.   I used a color by letter page from my All Set? You Bet! August set along with a letter tracing activity that I provided my students with colored pencils so they could rainbow write the letters.  You can click on this picture to see them in my store. 
The other 2 centers are a handwriting page that I use on dry erase pockets (no papers to send home!) and an alphabet chart that we match up alphabet manipulatives to (I use a lot of different alphabets for this including the cute little gems everyone made this summer!)  I like both of these because they don't require a ton of copies and there is nothing for them to turn in.  

Remember those questions?  Here are the answers: 

I dismiss my students to centers after they finish their morning work.  I put a stamp on their paper and they go and pick a center (yes...all on their own!) 
They can work ANYWHERE they want.  The floor, the tables, under a desk.....wherever they can be the most productive.  Our only "rule" about centers is that they stay in one spot and work the whole time. 
Our tools are always available (scissors on the tables, crayons at their seats) so they know where to find what they need.  They get it and GO!  We do stick to a pretty strict scissors only at the tables rule, for obvious safety reasons.

We have that work the whole time rule so they keep working until the bell rings (I ring a xylophone when time is up).  When the bell rings they clean up quickly and go to the rug for our song time.  

It doesn't happen perfectly on the first or second day (or even the first full week) but so far this week it has!  So I can safely say after about 7 to 8 days of practicing centers can feel pretty successful. Now our possibilities are endless!

So what' working well for you?  Don't forget to link up with Kinder Tribe to share!