SCIENCE Thursday! Wood and Trees

Ok, in all honesty we did this yesterday.  We have "Wacky Wednesday" in my class because Wednesday is a short day (early dismissal for teacher professional development) and we have a "wacky" schedule.  Instead of switching our half day groups at lunch time we switch early and everything just feels a  
It's a perfect day to switch things up!
I love to integrate science on Wacky Wednesday.  You wouldn't believe how much better behavior is on this day because they ALL want to participate.  This should be a lesson for me in classroom management.....but that's a post for later. 

This week we started the FOSS kit Wood and Trees. I LOVE FOSS kits!  They are essentially science in a box.  Timing is everything, and this one fits perfectly with our Reading Street unit right now!

We are reading about "How things are built" and started our investigation into wood.  It was super hands on and we had lots of questions about wood.  We also found out we already know a lot (like paper is made of wood).  Smart kinders! 

We looked at the attributes of 5 different samples of wood, learned about particle board and plywood (how it is made) and investigated how water affects wood.  Next Wacky Wednesday we will find out which samples float or sink! 

Do you teach half day?  How do you incorporate science?  It's a tricky deal......the struggle is real!