Centers Management: Pencil Pouches to the rescue!

Have you ever had that AHA! moment that just happens in the classroom and you want to share your joy with everyone? 
Then you go home and blog about it?  
Me too! 

  Today was a win in centers management.  I couldn't wait to come home and share this idea!  Not ground breaking, just life saving for me today.   
New centers crept up on me this week and I had one station that wasn't ready.  I could have thrown any old thing in there but I'm trying out some new "Change a Letter" cards that I just made and I really wanted to make it happen.  I had copied everything but they had to be laminated so the kids could write on them.

Will the laminator warm up in 5 
 Am I going to give up on this  

What's a girl to do?  I realize in my rush (seriously there are now 4 minutes left before the bell rings) that I only need half of a page protector to cover the recording sheets so I can just use one of those and make it work.  I shutter when I think of all the cards getting mixed up because students have dumped them on the floor because they dump those things out all the time. 
(I got lost in thought so now I have 2 minutes to bell...) Then it hits me....

Zipper Pencil Pouch! 

I have a few of these in my closet so I grabbed 4, threw in the cards and a marker and zipped it up.  

Problem solved!  (cue bell ringing here)

It never works out like that for me!
 So I'm counting this one as a win since this was a big hit with all the kiddos today.  And a double win for me because all the centers are staying together and NOT on the floor!  

I'm buying extra pencil pouches next year...for sure! 

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Good luck!