This and That! Centers that WORK anyday!

Have you ever noticed that some things work better than other depending on the day? 

The mood?

The current phase of the moon? 

Well if you teach Kindergarten you might know what I mean.  Some days activities go great and on another given day it might fall flat. 

I have a few standbys that I LOVE and they work on any given day!  
I love to change them up to practice new skills but for the most part they are always the same.  Very few directions needed and more time to explore.  That's a win win.  

Scoot Activities
Now I'm not sure who figured this out or who coined the phrase but I discovered them in 1st grade last year and they are just what busy little bodies need to keep working.  In this Scoot activity I have cards hung around the room with snowflakes for my kiddos to count.  They visit each card, count the snowflakes, and then record the number on the recording sheet.  I keep mine in a clear pocket protector so the kiddos can record with a dry erase marker and I don't have to make copies (or waste paper).
 Ten Frames
Ten frame cards are good for all kinds of counting activities.  I included these in my math tubs this week so my kiddos could practice the teen numbers.  You can include playdough (and they can make the numbers with it too) or they can use fun counters.  Some of our favorites are these little gems, mini erasers, and pennies.

 Roll and Record
These are always a big hit my room.  Students roll a dice and simply record the information.  It can be numbers (and adding 2 numbers), sight words, letters, and in this case shapes.  We love these!

These simple centers have made this week a flawless!  Things could not be going any better.  It's always a good thing when someone comes to observe and they tell you your kiddos are so well behaved.  Engaging activities are key! 

All the centers here are from my 
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Have a fabulous Friday!  Thanks for stopping by!