Peek at my Week: Freezing Friends Freebie

It's "Sunday" afternoon.....well, in my mind it is.  It's time to get those lesson plans ready and get in gear for tomorrow. 

Teacher Confession #62:  I always forget 3 day weekends.  Not when I am enjoying them of course, but when I am planning.  I wrote out my lesson plans and planned for Monday.  Um, not gonna work!  I had to go back and rework them to NOT include Monday.  

How could I forget this? Had a great weekend enjoying the AZ sunshine! 

I stepped away from the computer long enough to take a little hike this weekend.  We all had a great time and agreed we need to get out more.  We live in a pretty amazing place! 

So with great memories in the books, now it's time for a Peek at my Week...
Click on my plans to see them via Google Docs

Here are the products I am using this week to make it all happen! Click on any of the products to see them up close.

Kindergarten Morning Word Work:

We are working on consonant blends this week and our morning work will be a great introduction. 

One Little Mouse Centers:
Lots of fun centers this week with this one! 
 For Writer's Workshop:
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 I love these units!  They keep my workshop model in my classroom on track.  I am sticking with the same writing lessons I taught last week.  We had SO many absences last week we didn't make much progress.
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Same goes with Guiding Kinders, I need to do a little reviewing after missing over half of my kiddos to the flu last week.  We are a little bit of a stand still in this department but we will catch it all up this week!

Math tubs will be brand new this week.  When I wasn't enjoying the sunshine this weekend I was finishing up these centers:
I am putting all the new math centers in my math tubs this week.  The kiddos are going to be so excited!
I took one center and put it together for a freebie if you would like.  
It's all about composing numbers 11-19.  
We all need extra help with those right!
Click on the picture to grab it.

I hope you enjoy it! 

That's it!  Have a great week friends and don't forget to link up with Deedee at Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten for Peek at my Week!