Peek at my Week December 8

I need to head into the classroom today to get some stuff done....I bolted Friday afternoon and now I am regretting it :( 

Here is a quick peek at my week! Click on the pic to see them up close via Google docs.

Here are the products I am using this week to keep everything going!

Math tubs:  STILL using Fall Friends centers.  I never got to tubs last week so we are leaving them be just in case we need them for those fast finishers! I'm hoping to get to journals a little more consistently this week too :( Last week was nuts!
For homework:
I had a couple of questions about what I do for homework.  I've been using these pages all year long.  So far I have absolutely loved them.  They are easy enough that they kiddos can complete them independently and they are a good review of what we are working on in class.  Easy peasy, and everyone is happy :) You can click on the pic to see them in my store.

Have a fantastic week!  Now it's your turn to link up with Deedee at Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten !