Book Talk Tuesday: Not Your Typical Dragon

I took a little break from Tuesday Book Talk with Deanna Jump but I'm back!  This is a great linky with a lot of great ideas about my favorite thing....BOOKS!

I read the best book today about being yourself!  We are discussing the IB Attitude of Independence and today I happened upon a great book.  

I love it when that happens! 

I use two websites to read books to my class during snack time.  
Sometimes I use Storyline Online...
I use this one when I need someone else to read (like when I'm really hungry, or thirsty, and I just need a little break!)

I also use We Give Books.....
This one is a copy of the book and you have to do the reading.  I use this because I can put the book on the big screen and the kiddos can really see the pictures.  We can have class discussions about the characters, setting, and specific text features in a meaningful way because it's large enough for everyone to see. 

So today I looked up a book by Genre and picked "Independence".  I found this little gem...
Not Your Typical Dragon by Dan Bar-el and Illustrated by Tim Bowers.  

Quick Summary: The little dragon can't wait to turn 7 so he can start breathing fire but on his birthday the unexpected happens.  Instead of breathing fire he breaths whipped cream, and every time after that he breaths something else (bubbles, beach balls, streamers).  He runs away from home because he doesn't fit in and a knight in shining armor helps him find his true self.  He ends up saving the day!  

It reminded me a lot of A Bad Case of the Stripes by David Shannon. (on Storyline Online....we read that one yesterday!)
I love using literature in my classroom to explore important topics.  It's even better when you can use a little technology to make it happen.  
(plus...if you don't own the books they are available for free!)

What are your favorite books about being Independent?  Tomorrow we are reading David Henkes!